Dr. Nick Ghazarian founded Precision Spine & Orthopedics to meet the need for orthopedic and spine specialists in his hometown. Precision Spine & Orthopedics was created to serve the community by providing advanced yet affordable cutting edge treatments at local community hospitals.

We are in the quality of life business. Our goal as orthopedic surgeons is to alleviate pain and get you back doing what you love to do. We know every person is different, and therefore we work together with our patients in an effort to get them back to doing what makes them happy.

Seeing a surgeon doesn’t mean you are going to have surgery. An advanced understanding of anatomy is a prerequisite for safe and effective nonsurgical and surgical treatment of patients, and this is best accomplished through years of surgical training required to become an orthopedic surgeon. In fact an overwhelming majority of our patients do not require surgery and are treated effectively with various modalities.

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