Great sense of humor and always a pleasure to see. Knowledgable, down to earth, well respected, well trained with excellent bed side manner. My wife and I have both been treated by Dr. G and could not be happier. Just make sure you make an appointment in advance, because his schedule seems to fill up fast. The staff is nice but sometimes has a hard time keeping up with the doctor. Would recommend to my friends and family without hessitation. Thank you

When I visited Dr. Ghazarian he was the first orthopedic surgeon I had that took the time to explain the details of my knee injury. He not only made everything easy to understand he also shared all my options and asked for my thoughts and opinions. It was refreshing to have a doctor that was willing to talk out all the options rather than just suggest one.

Very happy with recent visit. Would recommend to friends and family

Great physician and great experience. Very nice doctor that too the time to explain everything. He was right on and knew what was going on with my knee even before the MRI. Went on to have arthroscopic surgery and I am back to lifting, jogging and biking. Thank you

Dr. Ghazarian is the only doctor that I have ever completely trusted. He genuinely cared about my wrist issues and spent the time to explain all my options. If you have a question he takes the time to answer it. I’ve seen many doctors, but none are as professional, knowledgeable, and caring as him.

I saw Dr. Ghazarian in Dec21, 2016. I was in severe wrists pain for 4 months. I could hardly move my hands and wrist. Dr Ghazarian was extremely educated and knowledgeable and helpful. He checked my hands and wrists and told me I have tendinitis. He said: “You will be fine for sure.” He cared about his patient. He put time for me and explained about tendinitis. I hopefully find a great doctor that can help me. Thanks alot. Fatemeh

I came to Dr. G for some knee problems I was experiencing after a sport injury. After being seen by Dr. Ghazarian, I was impressed by his knowledge and the thoroughness of his examination of my knee. I found his willingness to address all of my questions and concerns very comforting. I ended up needing to get surgery for a torn ACL and Dr. G did an incredible job! I am now about 3-4 months post-surgery and my knee has never once caused me any discomfort or pain. I highly recommend Dr. G!!

Having gone to another orthopedic surgeon before, it was refreshing to finally go to one that was willing to take the time to explain my injury while also sharing his opinions and cared enough to ask about my own.