What are stem cells?

Stem cells are cells with the ability to become different cell types, some of which can create new cells in your body and may help repair damaged tissues.

Where do you get stem cell?

Stem cells can be taken from your own body (autogenous) or taken from another source (allogeneous). Stem cells can not be taken from one person and given to another under current United States guidelines. Stem cells harvested from a patient are generally taken by a physician from fat tissue. This tissue is processed and can be reintroduced to the area of concern.

What conditions can be treated?

Although possibilities are endless, at Precision Spine & Orthopedics we focus on musculoskeletal conditions such as: arthritis, tendinitis, ligament tears or sprains, degenerative discs and herniated discs.

Am I candidate for stem cells?

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Are stem cell injections covered by insurance?

Stem cell injections are not covered by insurance companies at the current time.