Preparing for Surgery

Once all non surgical treatments have been considered or tried we can begin to discuss surgical options. At Precision Spine we perform only the latest cutting edge procedures. Prior to surgery we require a few things in an attempt to maximize our success.
Our surgical schedulers will request authorization from your insurance company and immediately notify you once they receive a response. During this time you will be obtaining preoperative labs and testing.

Patients on high dose narcotic pain medication will be required to decrease narcotic consumption prior to any elective procedure, either under the guidance of your surgeon or a pain management specialist. Narcotic usage may be checked at any time with urine drug screening.

  1. Preoperative Tests
    All patients must be cleared for surgery. Clearance involves the completion of f blood work, radiographic studies and an EKG. Some patients may require further testing and consultations. Surgery will not occur if all appropriate test and clearances are not obtained.
  2. Clearance from Primary Care Physician
    Once we decide on surgery, you will need to see your primary doctor as soon as possible to review the results of your preoperative blood work. This is performed to make sure you are healthy enough to undergo surgery. Once all results and clearances are complete they will be faxed to our office (818) 579-2929
  3. Preoperative Appointment (before surgery)
    Next, you will return to our offices for further discussion prior to surgery. Please bring with you a list of all your medications, allergies, medical and surgical history.

    • It is highly recommended to bring a family member to this appointment.
    • During this visit we obtain informed consent for the planned procedure. Any questions that are not identified can be directed towards our office or email (818) 579-2929 or
    • You may also receive any prescriptions for after surgery during this time.
    • At Precision Spine & Orthopedics we only prescribe short term pain medications at the lowest dose needed to provide reasonable short term pain control. Every patient’s prescription history will be checked in the CURES database well in advance. This allows us to better identify narcotic overprescribing and substance abuse.
    • All co-payments are due before surgery and can be paid by way of cash, check or credit cards.
    • Please make sure to bring entire payment to avoid postponing surgery.
  4. Pre-Admission Appointment at Hospital
    If your procedure is scheduled at a hospital you will need to call the hospital to schedule a pre- admission appointment. You will need to provide all of your information such as insurance and identification cards. Bring with you a list of all your medications, allergies, medical and surgical history.
  5. Post-Surgery Appointment (after surgery)
    Before the surgery you will already have had your after surgery appointment scheduled. The date and time will be provided in your paperwork. If you are unsure you can call the office during business hours (818) 579-2929. This office visit may be between 2-4 weeks from the time of surgery. It is important you follow all of the instructions that were given after surgery.